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The Division of Continuing Education(DOCE) has opened English courses with 9 different categories, including “Learning English from Movies”, a lively and energetic learning style, so that different cultures can be learned and encountered from different movies. The deadline for registration of these courses is the end of this month. Students can go to and link to “English advanced learning courses” for more information.

“Learning English from movies” is conducted by part-time teacher, Lin Chan-Yi , from the English department. Some footages of each selected film will be presented in class. Segment of the film as well as its cultural background will be explained and discussed in everyday English. You should be able to learn English under a stress-free environment. The other courses include GEPT with three different levels, Writing, Conversation, Oversea Tests, Business, TOFEL, and many others. In addition, DOCE also provides a detailed level test in order to assist special needs according to the student’s English level.

If students do not know their own level, they can also do a free online test to find out their level. Furthermore, online English writing courses are also available (instantly correction), therefore, no running around will be needed. You will be learning English using the most “In” style at all time. (~ Johnny Chu )

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