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The senior and graduate students of Dept. of Architecture participate in the “3rd Taiwan Design Expo: Discover the New Home in Asia” with their six boat models. The exhibition takes place from Oct. 15 to 30 at Wei-Wu Camp, Kaohsiung. After the exhibition, these six models will be placed at TKU campus for students to appreciate.

Hsieh Wan-jung, a senior, indicates that most of these models are made during the senior class of “Architecture Design.” During the time, the Dutch professor of the class, Marco Casagrande, spent three weeks instructing six students to create these works.

The subject of Taiwan Design Expo this year is “Home Esthetics”. The exhibition is divided into several areas, including Theme Zones, Experiencing Design Area, and Selected Works Area. The Theme Zones contain Fashion Pavilion, Green Pavilion, International Pavilion, and Future Pavilion, in which TKU students participate. Vein, a senior, explains that, their advisor, Prof. Casagrande wants them to design their own boat, and she works at least six hours a day and uses bicycle and plastic chair as materials to weld a very unique boat with her own hands. “I felt very happy when Prof. Casagrande said that he liked my work. Although it was very tiring during the process, it was worthy because I really learned a lot from it,” said Vein. Another work “Sending Trojan Horse intoTaipei City” designed by five graduate students last year is to be exhibited at Wei-Wu Camp. After the 16-day exhibition, these six models will be placed at TKU campus. Welcome all people in TKU come and appreciate them by that time! (~ Amanda Yen )

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