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Announced by Office of Academic Affairs, seven graduate students of Master program become the members of Ph.D. program because of their good grades, which is the best record in recent years. These students include Chang Hsao-chi (Dept. of Chinese), Lin Hui-chen (Dept. of Chinese), Ou Yu-chen (Dept. of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering), Chen Chun-chieh (Dept. of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering), Chen Huang-chin (Dept. of Physics), Chang Shen-wen (Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering), and Fu Peng-chuan (Dept. of Management Science).

Ou Yu-chen (1st year of Ph.D. program, Dept. of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering) applies for Ph.D. program during the second semester of his first year of Master program. Ou says that he needed a lot of determination when he made this decision, because according to the school rules, if he could not graduate from Ph.D. program, he would lose the Master degree, too. As for successfully jumping to the Ph.D. program, he especially thanks to his advisor Yang Lung-jieh’s testimonials. Ou indicates that comparing to other national universities, TKU not only has good environment but also owns plenty of resources. Moreover, he can save one-year school fees if he goes to the Ph.D. program straight from the Masters. The only thing he feels sorry about is that he cannot apply scholarship although the school authority admits his grades in graduate school.

Chang Hsao-chi (Dept. of Chinese) has stayed at TKU for six years, and he also makes good comments on TKU as Ou does. He says, “The teachers in TKU are very nice, and the style of study is quite open in Dept. of Chinese, so I will keep studying in TKU hereafter.” Chang modestly indicates that he can go to the Ph.D. program straight from the Masters partly because of luck and partly because of the recommendations of his teachers. To the students who want to go to the Ph.D. program straight from the Masters, he suggests that they should seize any chance no matter they can achieve the goal or not. He also reminds them to decide the research field with the least delay so that they can prepare as early as possible. In addition, the most important thing is always studying more. “I found I have to study more after attending Master program,” said Chang.

Talking about his experience of going to the Ph.D. program straight from the Masters, Chen Huang-chin (1st year of Ph.D. program, Dept. of Physics) especially thanks to his advisor Lin Yu-nan. Currently he is studying at the field of LED (Light Emitting Diodes), which not only can apply on car lamps, but also may replace the fluorescent light in one day because it can reinforce the illumination and save more electricity. Chen indicates that since the LED technique is quite expensive and its range for application is pretty wide, the prospect of his study is very good. (~ Amanda Yen )

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