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19 teachers and staff members are retiring this semester. The school will arrange a farewell tea party for them at Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall at 2 pm, June 29th. Because of illness, two of them will not be able to attend the event; teachers and students show sincere concern for them.

Planning to officially retire from August 1st this year, Hao Hsieh-sui (associate professor of Department of Chemistry) is suffering the deterioration of kinetic nerves (proverbially “frozen man”) and is hospitalized at Chung-hsiao Hospital, in a nearly vegetable condition. Professor Hao is an alumnus of TKU’s Department of Chemistry; he has taught innumerous students for more than thirty academic years since 1976. He was once the director of Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, Chief of Boy Scout Club and Chair of Kang-Yi Educational Foundation, all of which has won him support and love from the faculty, staff and students. Although he has lost speaking ability, he still has consciousness. Teachers and students rotate to visit him and bring concern and encouragement to him through cards and messages on blogs. There is another retiring staff member, Chang Ming-chuan (driver of Traffic Control and Security Section, Office of General Affairs), who suffered a tumor in the digestive system; he already have had the surgery and is currently resting in his own house.

Among all the retiring members, Lee Jui-hung (lecturer of Department of English) is the most senior, who has served at TKU for 40 years. Professor Anthony Trimarchi (Graduate Institute of American Studies) is the only one non-native. The list of retiring teachers and staff members includes: Lai Eugene (professor of Department of Electrical Engineering), Yeng Cheng-shiung (associate professor of Department of Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Engineering), Chi Jung-chang(professor of Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering), Chen Ching-chung (associate professor of Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering), Huang kuo-long (associate professor of Department of Management Sciences and Decision Making), Wang Tan-kuei and Lien Rong-huei (military officers of Office of Military Education and Training), Kuo Mei-yu (employer of General Services Section, Office of General Affairs), Wu Chien-fong (Staff of Maintenance Section, Office of General Affairs), Ku Te-ming (Staff of General Affairs Section, Office of General Affairs), Fang Tzu-chuan (Commissioner of Section II, Personnel Office ), Chang Shu-chen (Office of Comptroller), Wu Kuei-fang (Staff of Chueh-sheng Memorial Library), Lee-Lin Chun-ling (Staff of Education Support Section, Information Processing Center ), Chen Ning-ling (Staff of Teacher Professional Development Section, Center for Learning and Teaching ) ( ~Han-yu Huang )

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