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According to the policy of Ministry of Education, College of Technology has stopped recruiting students since 95th academic year, and the whole organization will be retrenched from 96th academic year.

College of Technology was established in 1996 and contains 6 departments and three two-year in-service programs until 95th academic year. There is only one last bachelor program left in the day-division of College of Technology this academic year. According to the resolution of the 57th meeting of school affairs on June 1st, the returned students of College of Technology will be grouped into the related departments of university. Two returned students have been grouped into Department of Finance to continue their undergraduate study.

The minimal years of taking courses in the two-year college of technology is 3, and there should be one more year left in 96th academic year. According to Office of Academic Affairs, though College of Technology has been integrated into the related colleges and departments of university, classes are still taught at Taipei Campus and courses remain the same; the original names of departments will be kept in students’ diploma. The In-service Programs of Department of International Business Management and Department of Finance and Applications are respectively integrated into Department of International Trade and Department of Banking and Finance of College of Business; Department of Practical Japanese is integrated into Department of Japanese of College of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

As to faculty and space, according to Dean of College of Technology, Hsu Ting-chi, all the teachers have been hired by related departments. As Pan Wen-chin, Director of General Affairs Section at Taipei Campus, part of the offices at Taipei Campus will be turned into classrooms in accordance with the retrenchment of College of Technology. ( ~Han-yu Huang )

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