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There are 81 days in this summer vacation, which will be a wonderful time for student clubs to enrich themselves. 34 clubs and more than 1750 people are ready to join summer training. In addition, community service teams are also ready for their missions during the hot summer days. 10 clubs including 170 teachers and students will spread their love to various country sides of Taiwan, including Cimei Island of Penghu County. In the short-term training for community service teams before the summer vacation, held at B712 at 2:00 p.m. on June 28, Dr. Flora C.I. Chang, President of TKU, will bestow the flag to these teams and boost their morale.

The 11 community service teams are composed of 10 student clubs, including “Youth Volunteer for Native Villages” of Changhua High School Alumni Association, Earth Environmental Protection Club, Lulala Club, Human Animal Care Club, Recreational Activity Counseling Club, Educational Curriculum Department Association, Campus Fellowship, Student Association of Business Management, World Youth Leadership Club, and Chinese Classic Chess-Game Club. Their service targets are mostly the students of elementary and junior high schools. Among these teams, Educational Curriculum Department Association will go to Cimei Island of Penghu County and hold a five-day/four night event for the students of Cimei and Shuang-hu elementary schools. Chen Ying-hua (Third-year graduate student, Dept. of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering), president of the association and leader of the team, said, “The purpose of our team is to bring the educational resources to the place in need.” Chen expressed smilingly that their community service teams is just a beginning. In the future, they will spend a whole year caring Cimei Island continuingly. For instance, they will collect books given by people of TKU and send them to Cimei Island after the new semester begins.

Moreover, two teams composed by the members of Recreational Activity Counseling Club will go to Jhuwei Elementary School of Tamsui and Sheng-nan Temple of Jiaosi Township respectively. The former team will use “technological future” as the main theme of their activity, which combines drama for the 50 local elementary students. The latter will assist Sheng-nan Temple to hold a five-day/four night Buddhism camp. Furthermore, Campus Fellowship will go to Dongshih Township, Chiayi County, and co-hold the “Countryside Bilingual Camp” with the local Fellowship. They will also invite 10 overseas Chinese to teach English in the camp. Lai I-li (junior, Dept. of Insurance), said, “Love is to see one’s responsibility in others’ needs.”

In addition, the clubs to hold summer training include Aerobics and Fitness Club, Kendo Club, Sign Language Club, Changhua High School Alumni Association, Aikido Club, Fencing Club, International Standard Social Dance Club, Chen’s way of Club, Nei-Chia Chinese Kung-Fu Club, Judo Club, Dance Club, and Guitar Club. The badminton teams of Dept. of Chemistry, Dept. of Information, and Dept. of Mathematics will have their summer training, too. There are also “Paris je taime,” the French Culture Summer Camp for senior and vocational high school students held by Dept. of French; the 2nd OB contest of basketball and volleyball held by Dept. of Chinese; the Living Camp for senior high school students held by both Dept. of Japanese and Dept. of Information Management; Scripture-Reciting Family Summer Camp held by Chung-De Cultural Education Society; the 2nd National Kungteng Cup Debate Contest for senior high students held by Speech Enhancement Society; Summer Camp for senior high students held by Dept. of Mathematics; 17th Finance and Investment Study Camp held by Business Management Association; the meeting and further education for the members of Tan Hai Tung Chou; and Summer Camp held by Harmonica Club. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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