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The square hats tossed high in the air, the 95th year Commencement Ceremony had a wonderful and unforgettable coda in Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium on the 16th. While giving the speech, School Founder Clement C.P. Chang encouraged graduates to keep in touch with school, come back for visits often, and care about the school development. President Flora C. I. Chang stated that from “Cheers " magazine’s investigation, TKU has continuously held the honor of “enterprise’s most favorite private university“ for 10 years. She expects that all the graduates can keep up the spirit of TKU and work hard in their career. Nearly all Commencement Ceremonies are in hot weather, but this year, it happened to rain. The rain didn’t put out students’ excitement. Teachers and students parents all looked for the chance to take pictures as memory in the rain. A full-of-umbrella campus became a special scene. Taking the “last walk” around the campus, a lot of graduates would rather get wet to hold umbrella for teachers, and that also showed the great bonding between teachers and students.

With the first time having 2 graduate students for thank-you speech in the ceremony, it has made a great and impressive result. Chen Yin-yu, student of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, with a piece of song “New Endless Love” carried out the unforgettable moment of students. Finally, with a section of lyrics "Betrayed” – “the strong bonded heart, how could we say good-bye?” Chen sang out everybody's mood and students followed to hum with tearing eyes as well.

Chang Yen-tsi, a student of Department of Chinese, read aloud to perform with Chen together to bring up humorous and touching atmosphere. With all the thanks to teachers, to classmates, and to Tamkang, graduates could have an unforgettable memory. People cheered and congratulated about graduation, and were led to toss their graduate square hats.

Chu Wen-Sheng, a graduate of Department of History as well as returned winner of visual disable student baseball team, worked hard and performed outstandingly at the school despite his eyesight disability. Companied with his guide dog, Journey, he had warm blessing and encouragement at the ceremony.

College of Technology will be abolished soon in the future. Chen Jun-tin, a graduate of Department of Construction, said “because it is the last semester for the College, it is a little bit sad and lonely without school brothers or sisters from the following years.” He also stated that there is always an end to everything. Although he has graduated, he will come back to visit.

Various video clips of students’ college life were played there. Many students burst into tears and embraced each other after singing the farewell song- “Flying with Heart”. In spite of the rain, many school classmates and friends came to present a bouquet of flowers with best wishes to graduates. Touching scenes can be seen everywhere in the campus. Wu Shang, a sophomore student of Department of Information and Library Science, also came to present the flower to her school sister for appreciating her helps at the school, and wish her have a great future too. ( ~Johnny Chu )

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