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For welcoming parents and relatives from 64 gradates’ family to the school graduation ceremony, Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section prepared fine tea snacks and short clips recording memories of students’ 4-year college life on the graduation day (16th).

More than 100 students’ parents and relatives come from such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Macao, Hong Kong, South Korea, Paraguay, etc. Among them, Liang Hwa-min, a graduate of Department of Information Management, had 12 family members including parents, aunts, cousins, and sisters came to visit him from Hong Kong and share the happiness of graduating together with him. Liang’s aunt said with smiles, “It’s been a while waiting. Finally, you graduated,!” These words fully showed family’s care and expectation to him. Liang said, “It is very touching that so many relatives and friends come to congratulate on my graduation day. 4 years living in Taiwan, Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section and many good friends have helped me a lot. It is not easy at all to leave this place.

Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section is always like another home for overseas Chinese students. Parents and relatives of students interacted with the staff in Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section for knowing more about students’ school performance, and also took this chance to visit around in Taiwan. A graduate student of Department of Business Administration from Hong Kong, Kao Yin whose younger brother felt very happy for her after watching the clips of 4-year school life in Taiwan. Kao’s father also said with great happiness, “I’m very proud of my daughter”. ( ~Johnny Chu )

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