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After the official announcement of CEEC, 7,247 people are to join into TKU. Adding to students recruited from other channels, including 1,080 transferred from other schools, and 224 overseas Chinese students, this year there are totally 8,500 new students, who will climb up the Overcoming Difficulty Slope to become a part of Tamkang University.

According to the statistics of Office of Academic Affairs, the new students recruited through joint examinations include 122 Ph.D. students, 1,501 master program graduate students, 4,670 undergraduates, and 954 Night School undergraduates.

Three new graduate institutes start to recruit students this semester, including Master’s Program in Robotics Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Curriculum and Instruction (College of Education), and of Information and Communication (Dept. of Information and Communication). Master’s Program in Robotics Engineering, the first academic of this namesake in Taiwan, recruits 12 students. The other two new graduate programs respectively recruit 10 students.

The school authority has set up rule for every TKU department to raise the allowance rate of “Recommendation and Application” to above 35%. With the extraordinary esteems by MOE and Entrepreneurs, the school wishes such an arrangement could attract more students to TKU. Such a rate is raised up to 60% for the British Styled Lanyang campus, which moves to her third year, and the new students of the 8 departments add up to 399.

The school will arrange initiation and physical check activities for the freshmen in early September to accommodate them to the new lifestyle to start from September 17. The dates of the orientation are as follows: September 11: Colleges of Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Foreign Languages and Literatures; September 12: Colleges of Business, Management, Education, Entrepreneurial Development, Global Research and Development, Community Development. The freshmen physical check and forums for freshmen’s parents will take place at the same date. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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