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For the eleventh time, TKU has been ranked No. 1 among private universities in the “Survey of 1000 Taiwan Enterprises’ Most Favorite College Graduates” by CHEERS Magazine! Among the eight evaluated abilities, TKU graduates’ “Willing to Learn” and “Team Spirit” are graded respectively as No. 3 and No. 4 among all universities. TKU graduates’ affection rate in finance job market is leveled No. 3.

According to the survey report on the April issue of CHEERS, TKU was ranked as No. 7 among all universities of the country—the only private university to elbow the way right to top ten, and for the eleventh time been ranked No. 1 among private universities. TKU is second only to Taiwan U, Cheng Kung U, Chiao Tung U, Tsing Hua U, Chengchi U, and Taipei U of Technology. TKU has outshone many national universities, including Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen U, Central U, and Chung Cheng U.

Among the eight evaluated abilities, two items are leveled top 5, including “Willing to Learn” (moving from No. 4 to No. 3) and “Team Spirit” (form No. 5 to No. 4). President C. I. Chang remarks that “the design of TKU’s curriculum and club activities have already been guided toward the eight criteria, and the school will continue to make efforts to achieve the targets.” She adds that we can not expect to get immediate result in making progress in the other six items. Take “Global Vision and Foreign Language Skills” for example. To put efforts on this goal, TKU has set up the post of “Vice President for International Affairs” to foster the global-oriented objective. “Though TKU has been ranked No. 1 among private universities, we should keep moving forward, not backward!”

In banking and finance job market, TKU is also ranked the first place. Dr. Nieh Chien-chung, Chair of Department of Banking and Finance, responds to this news cheerfully that TKU graduates’ good performances in their specialties have always been recognized. In the future the department will continue to work toward TKU’s triple objectives to nurture talents of the e-generation with a global perspective and prospect.

The other six items include “Professional Knowledge and Skills,” “Global Vision and Foreign Language Skills,” “Stability and Stamina,” “creativity,” “Problem Solving Abilities,” TKU’s graduates’ “Interdisciplinary Understanding,” had been graded as the second place last year; however, this year it was not recognized.

The survey time ranges from February 14 to March 14. Cheers had sent out 1,600 questionnaires to enterprises, and received 420 responses (26.25%). ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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