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Professor Kuo-Chen Shih of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has honorably received the fellowship of IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) last Tuesday (April 15.) He expresses: “It is such a great honor to receive this recognition with the difficult research environment in a private school.”

IET is an noted British academic association in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. An IET Fellow is required to have a successful leadership in his/her own field. To be a qualified candidate of IET Fellow, the applicant has to have at least one ability from the following prerequisites, including: “Executor of Important Plans and Resources Integration,” “Important innovation and Inventor,” “Originator of the Acknowledged Research,” “People who Found the Business Mode Corresponding to the Theme of IET with Success,” “People with Distinguished Academic Reputation,” “People who Greatly Contribute to Renowned Global Organization,” and “People who Greatly Contribute to the Public Services.” In addition, the IET members also have to have distinguished achievement for at least five years, and be recommended by two IET Fellows and a Fellow of other organization (for example: IEEE.) Only when one half of the IET Fellow Committee approve can one become an IET Fellow. Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Dr. Ying-hong Wang states that Professor Shih is well-deserved for this international recognition. The British IET and the American IEEE are both highly acclaimed academic organizations. He says with smile, “It is rare and precious that Professor Shih is the Fellow of the international academia cultivated from Tamkang!”

Over ten thousands of competitors for IET fellowship come worldwide. Professor Kuo-Chen Shih is able to stand out because he has published over 400 pieces of works, including issues on multimedia and Long-distance teaching. As to his brilliant merits, Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Jen-Shiun Chiang remarks, “There are plenty of research projects, papers and works by Professor Shih, and he wins high academic reputation worldwide. The times for him to be invited as keynote speaker is considered one of the best. It is really not an easy task to gain this honor.” ( ~Karen Chang )

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