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The Department of Electrical Engineering is filled with gifted talents! Professor Ching-Lieh Li and PhD graduate Jung-shen Huang have been approved by United States Patent for their “Manually Operated Brushless Direct Current Motor”last Oct. 30. Professor Lung-jieh Yang’s invention “Thermo-buckled Micro Actuation Unit Made of Polymer of High Thermal Expansion Coefficient” also gains the affirmation from “ROC Patent” this March.

As to the invention of “Brushless Direct Current Motor by Manual Operation,” Professor Ching-Lieh Li expresses that this invention provides students or everyone to experience the interaction of magnetic force and current within the internal motor. And from the use of the accessible engine machine, it will make the study of electricity and magnetism more practicable. He replies with smile, “with the invention of the engine machine, it can not only let my child know what’s his/her father is doing but let my child be inspired from it!” For his own invention, Professor Lung-jieh Yang indicates that this invention is merely in its beginning, and it still needs to be integrated with biological chips. Up to the present, he has two kinds of research projects for the medical field, “Materials of Blood Vessel” and “flapping type micro airvehicle,” which can be applied to military security or senior citizens’ home security. These two are waiting for the patent. ( ~Karen Chang )

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