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In addition to the formulary midterm exam, students of Freshman English have to attend an additional English proficiency test, which aim to elevate students’ English ability, and then administer the remedial teaching for in the obligatory freshman English this semester.

The assistant professor of Dept. of English, Dr. Lin Yi-ti, who serves as the convener for this plan, asserts that last semester the effect of setting remedial teaching according to various grade levels of the unified midterm was positive; therefore, there is the additional proficiency test, in the mode of TOFEL and GEPT, to be adopted as one of criteria for class division for “Sophomore English.” 40% of the semester grade and 60% of the English proficiency test will be evaluated as the standard for class division.

The English grade of joint college entrance exam is regard as not objective and fair enough to be the standard of class division for “Sophomore English.” Hence, both the grade of English ability test and the English achievement tests of the Freshman English will be taken as the standard of sophomore ability division. Students will locate their own English ability level and join proper remedial classes. Professor Huang Yueh-kuehy adds that “the test aims to help students find their own problems to make proper improvement, which is an efficient way to upgrade to an international English ability.” ( ~Wu Shu-ting )

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