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“Gather great power to win,” cried out by the players of Department of Chemistry, who won three championships in the President Cup Sport Competition. The basketball, volleyball, and softball competitions started from April 12th to 13th in Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium and the sport field. Department of Chemical won championships in the category of men’s basketball, volleyball and softball. In the category of women’s volleyball, the Department of Banking and Finance won the championship. In the category of women’s basketball, the Department of statistics won the first place.

The 2008 President Cup draw a boisterous crowd, including students of each department and institute, evening session, and students from Lanyan campus. In the category of men’s basketball, we have forty five teams to participate. All the audiences cheer for the teammates of their departments. Tzeng Shiu-yau, a student of the Department of Global Politics and Economics recruited his basketball co-players to form a team. Because Lanyan lacks indoor court, they are amazed at the playing fields of the gymnasium at Tamsui campus. In basketball, Department of Chemistry, Department of Insurance, and Department of Public Administration of won the first, second, and third place respectively.

Chen Wen-hau, leader of men’s basketball of Department of Chemistry, expresses that although the players’ age varies about ten years (from freshman to candidate for doctor's degree), but they strive together without distance. This year is the 50th anniversary of Chemistry department and they gain “Three Championships.” Besides, the field is filled with cheering teams; the warm atmosphere is shared by everyone. “We love playing basketball, we don’t care about the place in the competition, happiness is the most important thing for us.” said Chen Wen-hau. In baseball, Department of Statistics and Department of Mathematics won the second place and third place in the men’s groups. In softball, Department of Chemistry beat Department of Insurance to win the championship by 11:1. The Department of the Insurance and the Department of Aerospace Engineering won the second and third place.

Women’s group is another focal point of President’s Cup. The fierce combat is as exciting as that in men’s group. Huang Jie-lin, a student of the Department of Mass Communication, who watch the whole competition, expressed, “We are more nervous than the players,” when the scores between two teams are approaching. And when the ball flies out and the whole audience keeps a close watch on the invisible parabola to expect the next moment.” In baseball, Department of Finance won the first place, and Department of Chemistry won the second, and third place went to Department of Statistics in the women’s groups.

Lin Wei-shan, a student of the Department of Statistics and a player who participated both in women’s basketball and in baseball expressed, “when I was a freshman, I didn’t have the opportunity to enter the court and this year I finally can.” As a leader to women’s basketball team, she enhanced the physical fitness of all team members and set rules for them before the competition. If anyone cannot throw the ball in the hoop, they need to run around the field. The cheering teams uphold signboard wrote “Statistics” to inspire the players, who got champion of women’s basketball. Department of Transportation Management and the Department of Insurance were the second and third place in women’s group. ( ~Vivian Lin )

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