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Dr. Chang Ben-hang, Vice Director of Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, was awarded by Pacific Rim International Association for his creation, promoting calligraphy, and invention of “The Magical e-Pen” with TKU research team. To receive the prize, Dr. Chang went to the awarding ceremony held at Geumjeong Cultural Center, Busan, South Korea, and got the medal and cup from the hands of Choi Jong Hsieh, the President of the Association.

The prize is especially set up for the artists and creative writers who have special contribution to the art and culture in Korea and around the world. This time, two persons win the prizes; one is Dr. Chang, while the other is the well-known Korean poet Choi Gweon xing. Dr. Chang indicated that he owes this award to the hardworking of the research team and the long time support of the school. He also felt very honored for being appreciated by foreigners.

Dr. Chang’s works have been exhibited in Korea for many times. He interacts with Korean calligraphers a lot, and has a great reputation among them. Pacific Rim International Association appreciates Dr. Chang’s devotion to the e-Pen, and praises him for generating the new skill for calligraphy by combining tradition and technology, which contributes a lot to the revival and development of modern calligraphy culture.

All the attendants were very interested in Dr. Chang’s demonstration of the e-Pen on the day of the ceremony. He indicated that Korea has dedicated itself to traditional calligraphic skills and culture for many years, and people are gradually aware that to pass down the cultural heritage of traditional calligraphy, they have to combine it with digital technology. Therefore, there might be chance to cooperate with each other in the future, Dr. Chang said. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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