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Stories record traces of life of the past, and more or less leave influences on the present. Hence, with a series of activities focusing on time memory, including “Old Pictures, New Stories,” “Sharing Stories, Fulfilling life,” and “The Journey of Tracing Origins,” Counseling Section invites all the people in TKU to discover their own or others’ life stories.

Since understanding oneself is one of the steps of preventing self-harm, Counseling Section suggests that people can understand themselves by examining their own “Time Memory.” The activities are divided into three parts: examining oneself, observing others, and looking into the future. “Old Pictures, New Stories,” assisted by Warm Family Club, will invite everyone in TKU to find out the old pictures one cherished the most, write down some of their thoughts, and then turn them in to Counseling Section by May 13. All the pictures and the notes will be posted on Poster Street, and a ballot for the best ones will also be held. To encourage people to take part in the event, all the participants can get a fine present.

Ms. Lo Tzu-chi, the counselor of Counseling Section who is responsible for the activities, indicated that, “It’s us to decide the meaning of the past. Hence, there was no absolute right and wrong about our past.” She encouraged everyone to look into the future while examining the past, and to see what you have learned from the old days.

The activity “Sharing Stories, Fulfilling life” will arrange participants to visit Child Welfare League Foundation, hoping that they can have some reflections through others’ stories. Only 30 persons can join the activity. People who want to understand life, who are curious about the Foundation and would like to contribute some efforts are welcomed to sign up.

Last but not least, “The Journey of Tracing Origins,” a self-discovery workshop, will be held at B127 on May 9, which will invite professional lecturers to help participants discover their life experience and look for the power for the future through the art materials and group activities. Only 12 persons are allowed to attend. People who want to know more information about the activities can go to the office of Counseling Section (B413) or call the office extension 2221 to ask Ms. Lo. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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