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A landlady surnamed Chen always gives away NT$ 1,000 scholarships to student tenants who get all-pass among all the subjects during midterm and finals. Ms. Chen’s warm-hearted gesture has made many Tamkang students felt as if they are being taking care of by their own family members.

Fu Kuo-liang, Section Chief of the Student Housing Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, said that the landlady Chen in Hsuei-Fu Road is one of the many good landlords around the Tamsui campus. Hou Fei-fan, one of Chen’s student tenants, said that he has received the NT$ 1,000 scholarship for nine times each his freshman year. “The scholarship makes me feel warm and more motivated in my studying,” Hou noted. Hou added that the kind-hearted landlady will also hold welcoming party for new tenants and farewell party for graduating students regularly, which are very useful for tenants to get to know one another.

Chen said that the scholarship is meant to encourage students to focus on school works. She said that she will also prepared snacks and desserts during mid-terms and finals to cheer up the students in preparing the exams. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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