NO. 748


TKU library has purchased an automatic checkout machine and set it at the counter of second floor. It has been open to public use and won favorable response. By using this machine, teachers and students can check out books with their ID cards.

Section Chief of Circulation Services Section, Fang Bih-ling, who responsible for purchasing the machine said that the library will make use of the newly-bought machine to help students avoid long lines, streamline the checkout process, and increase efficiency. If the acceptance of this machine is favorable, the library will consider purchasing more machines.

The checkout machine is easy to use. You only have to swipe your student ID before entering your last four numbers of your Personal ID. Then find the barcode on the book that you want to check out and place it under the red scan line. The machine will ask you if you want to print the recipe. The recipe will have the borrowing date and the date it should be returned. Chien Chih-wei, freshman in the Department of Finance, said that the machine is extremely easy to use and will save a lot of time. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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