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Anyone who likes to win a small notebook computer or an MP4 or a digital album should fill in the survey questionnaire “2009 Service Satisfaction Survey” by the Information Processing Center from May 1 to 31.

The questionnaire is divided into 3 kinds: Students, Faculty and Staff. According to last year’s results, the first two most favorite items were the Course Checking System and Computer Labs, while Teaching Platforms and Website Services tied the third place. The Course Selection System wasn’t highly favored by students. For this, the Director of the Information Processing Center, Ming-dar Hwang expressed that the Course Selection Website could allow 4500 students at the same time, so it should be quite good enough. If students could not smoothly get on the website, they should check with their own computer systems and Internet services. He also suggested that students could be more successful by using TKU computer labs to select their courses.

Personal Computer Repairing and Service Attitude both won recognition by faculty and staff members. Ming-dar Hwang thanked them for their affirmation of and support to his colleagues’ endeavors. His Center requires that computer general repairs be finished in 3 days and 5 days for computers that need change parts. His Center often reminds its staff of their service attitude. Comparatively speaking, faculty and staff members didn’t favor the Faculty Personal Checking System and Information Training Classes for Faculty and Staff. Ming-dar Hwang pointed out that his Center had already improved those systems, so faculty members could use them more easily. For the training classes, the Center would offer varieties of more classes like information security.

Ming-dar Hwang said his Center had improved a lot according to the feedbacks of the 2007 and 2008 Service Satisfaction Surveys, and he hoped that both faculty and students would enthusiastically fill in the new survey questionnaire at Banking and Finance Associate Professor Yu-lung Chen mentioned that people of the Center were extremely efficient and their attitude was also good, but their skills should be improved. Economics sophomore Yu-wen Zeng said that it was really convenient to print out teaching materials and homework freely at the Computer Lab in the Engineering Building, which offers 24-hour good service. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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