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Electrical Engineering Alumnus Association Supervisor Yan-qing Miao donated about 20 IP switchboards and network telephones for the alma mater Department to enhance the quality of studies and research.

Yan-qing Miao once served as the Director of the Electrical Engineering Alumnus Association and is very warm-hearted for the departmental affairs. Seeing only 2 phone lines in more than a dozen of labs, he pointed out that the 2 lines were far from enough. If one called any extension number, the phones in several labs would ring, so one could not easily find the person one wanted. Also, the lines were often busy. As he had once been engaged in network telephone research and development, he wanted to donate IP switchboards and network phones to the Department that could provide every lab with an extension number. If faculty members and graduate students go abroad, if they install the soft-phone software into their laptop computers, they could even call back through the Internet without paying anything. It can both save and be convenient. The Department Chair Ching-chang Wong thanked Yan-ching Miao for his donation by which the communication between faculty and students, labs and the department offices was smoother.

Electrical Engineering senior PhD. candidate Hsian-wei Tseng expressed that with the network telephones, they would not worry that the lines would be busy. It is more convenient and the functions of the soft-phone are very attractive. He said, “I will surely try to call back with the soft-phone system when I go to attend a conference abroad.” Freshman PhD. candidate Shu-han Liao mentioned that he had never had any experience with network telephone before. But now he has used it and it is really convenient because every lab has its own extension number. He is very grateful to alumnus Liao. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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