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The 2010 academic year announcement of the result of joint college exam indicates that there are 7707 freshmen going to enter TKU, including 1580 graduate students, 73 foreign students and 294 overseas Chinese students. Adding the freshmen with 1073 transferred students, there will be totally 8780 new students joining the big family. As for the four departments in Lanyang Campus, it recruits 250 new students, among which 65 percents, 162 persons, are received through recommendation.

To welcome the freshmen, school seniors of every department are organizing welcoming events, while the school has designed activities to help newcomers familiarize with the new environment and new life. The health check and campus security briefing will be scheduled into two groups, taking place respectively on September 9 and 10. In each time, President C. I. Chang will lead the freshmen to join the initiation ceremony by climbing the Overcoming Difficulty Slope, and entering the Shaomo Memorial Gymnasium.

“TKU Clubs Ready to Fly,” the club exposition, will take place on September 9 and 10 at Poster Street, in which more than 200 clubs try their best to attract and recruit new members. The Night of Clubs will be launched on September 15, with various active performances by TKU clubs. Chen Wan-chun, junior of Dept. of Finance, executive chief of the expo., indicates that those events are indented to help the freshmen to adopt to the new life. “Tamkang has bountiful learning resources and is noted for its free lifestyle. We welcome the school junior to share and enjoy these wonderful campus life,” Chen added.

In addition, Student Housing Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, will hold “Student Dormitory Visiting Day” event on September 14 and 15 in Tamsui Campus, and September 21 in Lanyang Campus, during which both female and male dorms will be supplied with guides to lead the students and their parents to visit the accommodation. The Guidance Section of Office of Student Affairs will host a “Student Education Loan Briefing” in both the morning and afternoon on September 14 at Room B217, B218 of Business Building. Overseas Chinese Student Guidance Section will host a “Freshmen Orientation” at Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall, on September 8. Center of Resources for the Blind will hold an orientation for the disabled students on September 8. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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