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The “2010 Academic Year Flag-giving Ceremony for Junior Abroad Program and International Youth Ambassadors” was held on July 1 at Student Activity Center, with 452 students who join the junior abroad study program and 24 “International Youth Ambassadors” from Dept. of Spanish and Institute of the Americas participating the ceremony. President C. I. Chang hosted the event and presented the flag to each team. Mr. Ma Hsu-yao, Ambassador of the Republic of the Paraguay, H.E. Carlos Martinez Ruiz Diaz and other special guests were invited to encourage the young travelers.

President Chang indicates that TKU has practiced junior abroad program for 15 years, and presently TKU owns 108 sister universities in the world, which are the fruits our lasting efforts in globalization-oriented education; she expects participants of this program to cherish the chance and have a bountiful learning journey. To promote the celebration of TKU’s 60th anniversary, Vice Present for International Affairs, Dr. Dai Wan-chin has entrusted the participants a special mission: “to celebrate the 60th anniversary of TKU, you who are studying in abroad countries can browse our school website twice every day, day and night, to see the updated news for the continuing celebrating events and celebrate together with schoolmates in Tamkang.”

Especially, the flag-giving ceremony for “International Youth Ambassadors” was held together with that of junior abroad program. TKU has four reprehensive teams selected by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the highest amount in the country. Totally 28 teachers and students were going to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay for the services and cultural exchanges. Lin Cheng-hui, Deputy Director of Department of Central and South American Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, praised TKU’s achievement in globalization-oriented education. He believes that the communication between young students will benefit the relation between our county and our allies. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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