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Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development has held totally 11 forums for freshmen’s parents, between August 13 and 22, at Penghu, Kinmen, and around Taiwan. In every meeting, experienced professors introduced TKU’s educational objectives and the prospect of TKU graduates. Various high school alumni associations in Tamkang also share their experience of living and studying in Tamkang with the participants.

In the forum held in Tamsui campus, began in 10 AM, on August 21, at Student Activity Center, in addition to school briefing and discussion, there were also campus tour to the library, Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Maritime Museum. Similar activities were also held in Lanyang campus, including forum, group discussion, joint discussion at Clement Chang International Conference Hall, and campus tour. Dr. Wen-fa Sye, former Director of Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development, indicated that this year the forum at Pingtong and that at Kaohiung were combined into one at Kaohsiung owing to the requirement of resources. In the meantime, there were various performances to show the freshmen TKU passion. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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