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The 2010 academic year orientation ceremony and activities took place on September 9 and 10, at Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium. In the ceremony, Dr. Kao Po-yuan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, informed the freshmen about TKU alumni’s secret of success—excellence in heart and mind—to encourage the new students to reorient themselves in learning to get along with people as well as to work with people, for in a competitive age, it is active cooperation but not resistance that will create win-win opportunities.

Following the tradition, before the ceremony, three Vice Presidents and heads of administration and education led some 7,000 new students to climb the 132-step “Overcoming-difficulty Slope.” Under the blazing sun, they walked toward the campus with sweat and spirit. Sweating profusely, Tsai Hsing-chan, a freshmen from Dept. of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, said that though during the process of climbing he felt very hot and tiring, he began to understand what people call “spirit of overcoming difficulties” and would work hard in his future four years. Lin Chia-yi, a freshman of Dept. of Chinese said excitedly that though the process was tiring, she would try to sustain the feeling to make the quality of her college life higher and higher.

In front of the gymnasium, dozen of student clubs provided performances to welcome freshmen, including a rock suit of three songs by Western Music Club, and the performances by TKU Ru Ra Ra Club and Taekwondo Club. Inside the gym, the air was full of cheer and excitement. TKU Cheerleaders initiated the show with exquisite dancing movements; TKU Choir, wearing black make-up hair, sang “Strolling to Tamsui” to welcome freshmen; International Standard Social Dance Club and Hot Dance Club extended the exciting atmosphere with successive dances.

In the ceremony, Dr. Kao Po-yuan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, welcomed the new students and introduced TKU’s historical development and respective characteristics in each stage with the pamphlet, Tamkang Culture. Dr. Kao indicates that Tamkang University is noted for her freedom, and the school is very confident in student autonomy and discipline. He expected students to make use of the resources effectively and cherish them. Dr. Keh Huan-chao, Dean of Office of Academic Affairs, informed students about regulations of course registration, verification of English language ability, and some special curriculums, and encouraged them to work hard to maintain the academic reputation of our school. Dr. Ko Chih-en, Dean of Office of Student Affairs, explained the operation and services of each division under the office. Dr. Jeng Hoang-ell, Dean of Office of General Affairs, reminded the new students to maintain the clean, hygienic, and safe environment of our campuses. Kuan Yuan-hsin, a freshman of Dept. of English, said excitedly that his first impression of the campus was that it was large and beautiful, and he expected to study and play in this beautiful campus and to live a colorful college life. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

Figure: Three vice presidents and other administrative and educational heads led the freshmen to climb Overcoming-difficulty Slope, and experienced the solid and progressive spirit bodily.

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