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Cham Pion Incubation Center (CPIC) had respectively signed contract with Xiamen High-tech Incubation Center and Hisi Electronic Incubation Foundation on August 16 and 17, and formed Taipei-Xiamen Incubator Strategic Alliance, and Taipei-Quanzhou Incubator Strategic Alliance.

The alliance with Xiamen High-tech Incubation Center will help to incorporate the resources of both centers to establish commercial trading platform and exhibit the assisting function and services of Incubator, which not only raise the visibility of the Incubation Center but also increase the international competitiveness and benefits of the enterprises cooperating with the center. Hsiao Rui-hsiang, Director of CPIC, said that the strategic alliance marked a deeper and more progressive communication and cooperation with Xiamen High-tech Incubation Center.

Hsiao Rui-hsiang expresses that the Center expect to develop the communication and cooperation with such a regional alliance and then expand the relation with other regional incubation centers in Mainland China. Yu Pu-ping, Manager of CPIC, explains that the enterprises collaborated with the Center are mostly in the field of IT info software, digital cultural industry, and green energy industry. Through the alliance, the cooperation and communication between the incubation centers on both sides could help the collaborated companies expand the scope and extent of trade in China and create more benefits.

In the terms of contract, one important item is that Xiamen High-tech Incubation Center will freely supply the information of local need for high-tech incubation, while CPIC will freely offer the space of the Center as office of communication and services. Yu Pu-ping indicates that the advantage from such an alliance make our incubation center superior to incubation centers in other schools.

The agreement will help cooperative companies, including those of TKU alumni, expand their trading territories. Hsiao said that the sister school relation with Xiamen University was helpful for the signing of agreement. In the future, the CPIC will work on a “Incubation Silk Road Project” based on the sister school alliances in various countries. Hsiao added that the services and assistance of CPIC will privilege cooperated companies, and then expands to other incubators in the country. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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