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According to the survey “2011 Enterprises’ Favorite Master Graduates” made by Global Views Monthly and 104 Job Bank, TKU was listed among the winners of “The Best Graduate Institute for its Total Performances.” TKU is the only private university on the top 10 list, and TKU has won such an honor for consecutively three years. Mr. Fan Kuang-wei, Manager of 104 Job Bank, remarks in Global Views Monthly that “The reputation of Cheng Kung University, Taiwan University, and Tamkang University has been firmly established.” In addition, TKU was ranked as No. 1 private university in five surveyed items about graduates’ vocational performances.

As for the details of the evaluation, TKU was top in the item “Best Performance for Master Graduates of Private University,” of which honor TKU has kept for consecutively three years. In the item “Best Total Quality, and Improvement of Working Performance,” TKU has upgraded from 7th to 6th. In “Most Uplifting in Ability and Performance” and “Best Ability in Crisis Management, Reaction, and Creativity” TKU was ranked respectively 4th and 6th, which were also the best performance among private universities.

Dr. Yu Gwo-hsing , Vice President for Academic Affairs, remarks that the key of such a positive evaluation lies in the teachers’ devotion, the ongoing improvement and upgrading of teaching and research environment. He is very happy for this public recognition of our teachers ands students, and emphasizes that “searching for excellence” is our persistent aim, which will be substantiated by better resources and environment.

According to the Global Views survey, the specialties in business management and in information engineering research will be the most popular areas in job market. TKU’s master graduates also distinguish themselves in these areas—No. 4 in “Best Graduate Institutes in Business Management, Finance, Hospitality Fields,” second only to three national universities (Taiwan University, Cheng Chih University and Cheng Kong University), and the first place among private universities. Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Yi-jen Hu remarks that the College of Business has a long history and solid foundation in academic performance and business practices, and recently there is close cooperation between teachers and entrepreneurs and practical instructions from enterprises for the students, which enhance our graduates’ ability to link to job market. Dean of the College of Management, Dr. Wang Chu-ching indicates that the curriculum design in the College of Management is multiple and diversified, incorporating different disciplines and academy-enterprise cooperation, sensitively responding to social current, and our professors are all versed in their fields; these characteristics nurture our students’ ability in handling and adopting to changes and in managing stress.

In “Best Graduate Institutes in Information, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering fields,” TKU shoulders to top 10 for the first time. Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Ho Chii-dong attributes such a success to the efforts of newly recruited faculty, who invigorates the institutes. Besides, this progress in academic and professional recognition testifies the school policy in granting researches. In the future the institutes in the college will gather research energy in applying for patents to create research benefits.

TKU also progresses in other fields. In “Best Graduate Institutes in Humanities, Mass Communication, Social Science Fields,” TKU moves from the 6th to the 4th place, and the 3rd place among private universities. In “Best Graduate Institutes in Arts, Design, Architecture Fields,” TKU progresses from the 8th to the 4th place, and No. 2 among private universities. In “Best Graduate Institutes in Mathematics, Psychology, Biochemical Science Fields,” TKU occupies the same position with Chung Cheng University, and No. 3 among private universities.

In the section of “Library Resources,” TKU was ranked as No. 6 nationally, and No. 2 among private universities, with its total amount of 977,700. In the detailed item “Compact Disk and On-line Resources,” with 414 sets, TKU Library was ranked No. 3 nationally, No. 2 among private universities.

Academic institutes are highly competitive these days, and the institute’s distinctive characteristic would be the key consideration of the students. According to the aforementioned survey, TKU is well known in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering, and Foreign Languages, and its fields in Robotics, Information Engineering, Information Management, Management Science, and Mass Communication are highly welcomed by enterprises. Dr. Yu Gwo-hsing , Vice President for Academic Affairs, analyses that the formation of TKU’s distinctive institutes depends on the investment in recruiting master scholars and research resources, which will create a positive cycle of development. To promote each department to develop its unique characteristics, ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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