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To understand why our freshmen choose to enroll this university, Educational Evaluation Section, Center for Learning and Teaching, had designed questionnaire for the freshmen of the 2009 academic year. The result finds that the major consideration is “chance for future career,” which follows by “total reputation of the school” and “curriculum, faculty, and facilities.”

The order of influence in their choice of application is listed as follows, “peer (friends, classmates, school seniors) influence or suggestion,” “senior (parents, family, teachers) influence or suggestion,” “high school teachers.”

Dr. Pai Ti-ching, Section Chief of Educational Evaluation Section, indicates that according to the survey result, the availability of vocational training or career consideration is one of the important elements for choosing a university. This survey result will be used as reference in reorienting the policy of recruitment.

Wang Ti-yu, Section Chief of Recruitment Section, Office of Academic Affairs, indicates that every year the section will provide lectures, tours, job fair, and brochures for some hundred high schools to communicate about matters of recruitment. And the section also designs multiple briefings to introduce the characteristics and TKU. In response to the importance of peer and senior influences, Wang comments that TKU contain huge amount of alumni and strong identity, and the ongoing efforts of every department in strengthening faculty and improving curriculums will make our alumni to recommend our school to future freshmen.

Lee Meng-hsuan, sophomore of Dept. of Chinese, explains her past choice that studying in Tamkang was her dream, and after he got to TKU she found the school facilities are bountiful and scenery and environment are amazing, and MRT is a convenient transportation. Chen Lin-fan, sophomore of Dept. of Physics, expresses that freshmen in College of Science are separated into different departments, so when she was a freshman she could contact many different fields, which offers her important information and chances to decide her future research direction. She decided to leave far away from home to study in TKU for the recommendation of high school teachers and parents.

Chang Pei-wen, Sophomore of Dept. of Multicultural and Linguistic Studies, expresses that when she considered the options of enrollment, she had visited the website to investigate the curriculum of the department, and she was attracted by the junior abroad program, which would not only broaden her vision but also enhance her foreign languages ability. Besides, according the Cheers survey, “2010 Survey of 1000 Enterprises’ Favorite College Graduates,” TKU has been ranked as No. 1 among private universities for consecutive 13 years. These elements made her believe choosing TKU was correct. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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