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Chairperson of Institute of the Americas, Dr. Chen Hsiao-chuan led a team of professors and graduate students, including Dr. Francisco Luis Perez of Dept. of Spanish, Dr. Wang Hsiu-chi of the Institute, Ph.D. graduate Liang Chi-chao (third year), master graduate Chen Yi-fan (fourth year) and Ju Chung-hsien (second year) to join “The 12th R. O. C International Conference on Latin America Studies” in Mexico. The conference theme is “Asia-Americas Cultural Communication: Reflection on the 200th Anniversary of Independence of Mexico,” and there are 31 papers presented in the event, including those by Tamkang participants.

The conference was sponsored by Instituto Latinoamericano Ydel Caribe, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and local organizations near the university. Dr. Chen Hsiao-chueh indicates that this year is the 200th anniversary of the independence of Mexico, so the intellectual dialogue among international scholars is very significant; besides, for the graduate students, this is a special chance for them to develop global vision and learn from established scholars.

Dr. Chen Hsiao-chuan especially brought to the conference 8 Taiwanese puppets and 5 dancing lion dolls to be displayed for the Mexican people. Dr. Chen said, “the puppets and dancing lion dolls were displayed in the Mexican “Palace Museum”—The Relic Site of Aztec Great Temple, creating an exotic air for the site. The conference, taking place in a local cultural center, along with the Mexican patriotic celebration, was very impressive.” ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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