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TKU had signed a contract on “Park Green Land Preservation Project” with Tamsui township at the town hall, at 10:15 A.M, on September 16. Dean of Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Ko Chih-en represented the school to sign the “Agreement of Tamsui Township/Tamkang University Cooperation in Service Learning” with Tamsui Mayor Tasi Yeh-wei. In the ceremony, TKU representatives received the certificate and landed the post of adaptation, and brought back the tools for the service--bamboo brooms. Mayor Tasi Yeh-wei expressed that he and the town people appreciated the freshmen of TKU going into the community to do services. He expected the students to learn more about Tamsui after four years of living and studying with the community. Dean Ko indicates that this cooperation offers the chance for students to emerge in Tamsui through practical experience.

After the ceremony, classes of Year 1C, Dept. of Information Engineering, Year 1A, Dept. of Accounting, Year 1, Dept. Mass Communication started their first experience in out-of-campus service learning. Su Chih-hsuan, freshmen, Dept. of Information Engineering, said that he had no feeling of tiredness but of interest when worked in the sport park. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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