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The “Night of Student Clubs,” the culminating event of “TKU Clubs fly with TKU’s 60th Anniversary,” which was hosted by Extracurricular Activity Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs and organized the Student Assembly, took place on the night of September 15 at Student Activity Center. More than 2,000 students were crowding in the center. The performances provided by 21 students clubs, reveal the students’ energy and talent, which won endless applauds and cheers.

The Cheer Leaders lifted the curtain of excitement with their sky throwing and rolling, which led the night to the first exhilarating point. The musical performances by Guitar Club, Piano Club and other musical clubs attracted the audience’s bodies to swing with the melody. Karate Club and Taekwondo Club presented many difficult martial art performances, attracting the audience’s cold sweat and amazing cheers.

The coda show featured songs written, composed, and performed by Lyrics Writing and Composition Student Association, including two self-created songs and “I Love You” by Lu Kuang-chung, which evoked the high air and screams. Lee Pei-ling, freshman, Night Division, Dept. of Japanese, said he enjoyed their shows very much and would like to join the club immediately. Chien Chiao-tai, sophomore, Dept. of Public Administration, said that she would like to join the Ballroom Dance Club after she watched their energetic performances. Chen Wang-chun, executive chief of the student clubs fair, a junior of Dept. of Finance, expressed that she was very happy to see so many freshmen join in the shows, and wished them to find their ideal clubs. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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