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Chun Huei (Spring Sunshine) Club recently held an anti-smoking campaign from September 13 to 24 to collect signatures at the University Town. The campaign was widely welcomed by students. So far, nearly 1000 signatures were collected while another 492 people had completed a survey on anti-smoking.

Head of the club Weng Yu-ting, a junior in the Department of International Business, said the overwhelming response to the campaign was out of the club’s expectation. The strong support also gives them confidence in continuing their anti-smoking drive, she said.

The survey conducted during the drive shows that more than fifty percent of respondents believe that the place in the University Town that needs the most attention on anti-smoking is the area in front of the convenient store 7-11. “The survey has told us something about where around campus we should take extra attention on promoting anti-smoking,” said Weng. She added that the anti-smoking volunteers and her club will continue to launch such drive in areas around the University Town, Datianliao and Shuangyuan Street.

The survey also reveals that 46.3% students think it is necessary to set up a smoking zone outside the campus, while another 31.5% of them think the otherwise. Weng said her club will collect students’ opinions to serve as reference for the university authorities. So far, the club will focus only on advising students not to smoking for their own health. One of the students who joined the signatures collection Tu Man-ching, a junior in the Department of International Business, said she hated to smell cigarette when standing in front of the 7-11 so she decided to step out to support the drive initiated by the Chun Huei (Spring Sunshine) Club. Chiang I-shao, a sophomore in the Department of Mass Communication noted that there are fewer and fewer smoking zones in the campus which forced smokers like him to smoke outside the campus. Chiang said, however, he would choose some places with less people to smoke so that he would not affect other people. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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