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To protect the rights of Tamkang students, Student Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, continues to promote free legal counseling service to students regarding various topics such as family affairs, labor disputes, and house rental problems. According to the section, most students came for legal counseling on traffic accident disputes, which stand for about 70% of all counseling, while another 20% was on house rental disputes.

The legal counseling service currently offered by Dr. Lin Li-hsyang of the Department of Public Administration, Dr. Chang Sheng-hsiung of the Department of Transportation Management and Lu Chi-chang, an attorney of local legal service company. The legal service can be done in both face-to-face-fashion or via e-mail.

Dr. Chang said that when a traffic accident occurred, one should preserve as many evidence as possible. One can use his of her camera or cellphone to photograph these evidences at the scene to protect one’s rights.

As for the house-rental disputes, Dr. Lin said students should make final decision on whether or not to rent a room only after reading thoroughly the contrast. The contrast should have some articles that can protect students’ rights when something unexpected happened.

Those who need legal counseling can log on the following website of the section at to download application form. After filling the form, one can send it to the following address or simply gives the form to Mr. Lin at Room 402, the Student Guidance Section. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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