NO. 799

A Display and a Quiz

As Tamkang University's Diamond Jubilee celebrations rapidly approach, TKU’s Chinese palace-style classrooms and walkway – the oldest part of the campus – have been transformed into a magical display, a symbol of unity and togetherness. Artistic decorations now line the walkway, creating an air of elegant romance by night, and by day, a scene of celebration.

Aside from old-style lights draped with flowing pink material, the area will be decorated with round tables covered in red silk, which will be on display until November 12. To mark the beginning of the display, a “Lighting Ceremony” will be held to convey a sense of coming together, of oneness and unity as we approach Tamkang University’s 60th anniversary.

This uniquely decorated area has a dual purpose. It is a place where students can get together, chat, and study in a festive environment leading up to the TKU 60th anniversary celebrations. More importantly, it is a reminder to current students and alumni of the importance of family unity and togetherness.

A trivia contest will also be held, which will tests students’ knowledge of TKU history and culture, organizational structure, and even campus anecdotes accrued over the last six decades. The event, entitled “Trivia from 60 Years of Academia”, has been organized to coincide with Tamkang’s 60th anniversary. The final, which will consist of 16 teams, will be held on the 6th of November – the day of Tamkang’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations – and the winning team will take home a symbolic cash prize of 60,000 NT.

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