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A French Breakfast to Remember

At 9am on the 12th of Oct, the French Department held a “French Breakfast” on Shepherds Lawn, with approximately 35 students taking part in the activity. During the breakfast, freshly-baked croissants were served, and lathered with generous dollops of melted butter, to go with glasses of rich, full-cream milk. The air was warm and the sky deep blue as the students sat on the sprawling lawn and said “this is so romantic!” As the breakfast was coming to an end, TKU intern French teacher, Nicholas Chennet, took the opportunity to deliver a French lesson.

The Director of the French Department, Yang Shu-juan, said that the purpose of the French Breakfast activity was to help students learn French in a more relaxed and casual environment. She added, “This morning, before the bakery had even opened its doors, I was standing outside waiting”.

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