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Hanxing Academy Visits Tamkang

On Oct. 8, a delegation of 23 members from a TKU sister school in Malaysia, the Hanxing Academy of Journalism and Communication, arrived at TKU’s Tamsui Campus. The delegates were received by TKU faculty staff, who took them around the campus and held a series of briefings and an informal discussion.

During the event, TKU staff played a promotional video of the forthcoming TKU 60th anniversary celebrations, produced by students of the Department of Mass Communication. They also invited TKU Master’s student, Ling Jing-yi, an alumnus of the Hanxing Academy of Journalism and Communication, to share her experiences studying at TKU. She said “It’s really great studying at Tamkang. The teachers are very enthusiastic in giving guidance and advice, which has helped me to learn even faster”.

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