NO. 799

An Historic Donation – Taiwan’s First Authentic Kendo hall

On Saturday 9th October, a ceremony was held to inaugurate the building of a very unique kendo hall at TKU. The opening ceremony was hosted by the president of TKU, Flora Chia-I Chang, and was attended by almost a hundred former Tamkang students. What makes the hall so special is that it is the only kendo facility in Taiwan to employ professional Japanese standards in its construction and design.

The kendo hall was donated to TKU by the Tamkang Kendo Association, a group of alumni who used to be members of the TKU kendo school team. The donation was both a token of their deep gratitude to TKU, for helping to nurture their academic and athletic skills, and a symbol of their support for Tamkang’s enthusiastic promotion of sports and martial arts.

TKU prides itself in its emphasis on sports, athletics, and martial arts. Many TKU clubs and societies have been set up to afford students opportunities to play sport. TKU strives to enhance club and society-based interaction and exchange with overseas universities. It is hoped that in the future, the Kendo Club and other such clubs may serve as exemplars for all of Tamkang’s clubs and societies.

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