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Zero to Master in Just Five Years

In an initiative to encourage students to remain in the same department for postgraduate study, as well as to promote a continuous, unbroken process of tertiary study, and to shorten the time taken to attain masters qualifications, the TKU College of Science and College of Management are set to unveil a brand new joint Bachelor / Master scheme, which will enable students to gain masters qualifications in just 5 years. Under the new scheme, undergraduate students in the second semester of third year studies may apply to take part in the program. Students who then pass a graduate studies exam will be able to start taking graduate courses in their fourth year of study. Three departments in the College of Science – the departments of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics – along with four departments from the College of Management – Accounting, Statistics, Information Management, and Transportation Management – will begin to implement the program from the 2010 academic year.

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