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A Vivid Exhibition Displaying TKU’s Tamsui and Lanyang Campuses

To celebrate Tamkang University’s 60th anniversary, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center is holding a special “Diamond Jubilee Exhibition”. To prepare for the exhibition, six months before its official opening, the Center invited dozens of renowned artists from a variety of artistic backgrounds to visit the Tamsui and Lanyang campuses and produce artwork depicting the campuses’ beautiful natural surrounds.

Under the delicate touch of the artists’ brushes and cameras, the diverse beauty of TKU’s campuses was brought to life, and a magical world was constructed. A world in which colorful flowers shimmer in the sun’s golden rays; in which a winding narrow path leads to a magnificent Chinese garden; and a straight brick lane is cast in soft violet light. These are just some of the scenes that artists captured at the TKU Tamsui and Lanyang campuses.

The collection of 80 plus pieces includes Chinese paintings, western paintings, calligraphy, and photographic compositions, which will serve as ongoing testimony of the gentle beauty of TKU’s campuses. The exhibition displays the works of 69 distinguished artists. It will last from the 3rd Nov. to the 31st Dec. 2010, and is being held at the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center.

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