NO. 818

Third Place in French Student Singing Competition

A number of TKU 2nd year French students recently took part in an international French student singing competition. The students- Lii Pei-qi, Lin Hong-wen, Chai Fang-yu, Shi-qing, You Min-xuan, Wei Mei-qi, Li Min-qian- formed a band and entered the competition together. They performed the fast tempo French song, ‘Je Veux’ (“I want”), and claimed third prize. Their third placing earned them tickets to a Marc Chagall exhibition and a French music CD, as well as a host of other prizes.

Lii Pei-qi explained that given the fast tempo of the song they performed, the band members had to meet several times to practice pronunciation of the lyrics and related techniques. She found that in doing so, her French speaking ability naturally improved and the band members all became close friends. Also, “taking part in the competition allowed one to hear many French songs that I would not usually hear.”

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