NO. 818

Alexander Sung’s TKU Concert

The Alexander Sung Harpsichord Concerto Performance, organized jointly by the TKU Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and the TKU College of Education, was held on the 18th of March after being postponed due to the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The postponement did not cause enthusiasm to wane, and the performance was delivered in front of a capacity crowd.

Alexander Sung is one of Taiwan’s foremost Harpsichord players. Before the performance, he explained to the audience the origin of the harpsichord and demonstrated the timbre of its sound. He then performed classical numbers, such as Harpsichord Concerto BWV 1052 and Piano Concerto No.9 in E flat Major K.271.

Lin Guan-fu, a TKU freshman from the Department of Banking and Finance, screamed “Bravo!” at the end of the performance. He excitedly explained that the sound range of the harpsichord is rich and diverse, and is comprised of numerous distinct elements.

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