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TKU Culture Week: ‘‘Take me Traveling’’

Culture Week has officially begun! Despite the chilly weather and drizzling rain, teachers and students have been out in numbers, sampling the delicacies on offer at the various stalls across the Tamsui Campus. The theme of Culture Week is ‘‘Take me Traveling’’. Appropriately, the white and red umbrella-covered stalls that line the campus’ ‘‘Poster Street’’ have been selling specialty foods from various regions around Taiwan. These include brown sugar cakes from Peng Hu, rice-flour noodles from Hsin Chu, cream pastries from Kaohsiung, dried bean curd from Taoyuan, sun cakes from Taichung, as well as pineapple cakes, malt cakes, and salted pork from Keelong. At this time every year, Poster Street is bathed in a delicious mix of aromas.

In addition to the poster street stalls, an exhibition has been set up in the TKU Black Swan Exhibition Theater. The exhibit displays cultural scenes and relics from across Taiwan. Each display was created by separate TKU regional alumni associations, such as the TKU Kaohsiung Alumni Association, the TKU Ping Dong Alumni Association, and so on.

Cultural Week is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the unique cultures and regional characteristics found throughout Taiwan. Some alumni return to the Tamsui Campus annually specifically to attend the Culture Week festivities, as they say it gives them the feeling of coming home.

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