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TKU Voted No.1 by Business for 14 Successive Years

On the 28th of April, the TKU Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section held its annual seminar for TKU Club and Society Supervisors. The seminar provided students with the opportunity to thank their supervisors for their continued hard work throughout the semester. Students expressed their gratitude by presenting their supervisors with bunches of flowers. TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, commended TKU clubs and societies for their outstanding performance over the years, noting the exceptional performance of the TKU Voluntary Service Club in the 2011 University Club and Society Evaluation.

Also during the seminar, the Section Chief of the TKU Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, Qu Quan-yong, provided details on the club and society courses that will become a part of the TKU academic curriculum from next semester.

The courses will be offered by the TKU Center for General Education and Core Curriculum. They will include the newly added course ‘Club Operation and Team Development’, the compulsory course ‘Club and Society Theory and Practice’, and the optional courses ‘Club Operation and Management’ and ‘Club Service and Development’.

During the seminar, President Chang also made mention of TKU’s recent 2nd placing in Cheers Magazine’s “1000 Enterprises Favorite College Graduates” survey. President Chang noted that Taiwanese companies recruiting new employees most highly value candidates who are open and willing to learn, and can be shaped and molded. The second most sought after quality is the ability to solve problems, followed by a comprehensive grasp of professional knowledge and skills. President Chang also explained that TKU is constantly working to improve itself. She pointed to the soon-to-be-initiated compulsory club and society classes, as well as TKU’s push to strengthen ties with business in order to provide students with broader opportunities for internship and on-the-job learning.

Despite the incredible achievement, President Chang remains humble “We must stay humble and never stop improving!”

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