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Inspiring Creativity in Today’s Youth

On April 28, TKU held an explanatory seminar regarding the annual TIC100 Creativity Competition. The seminar featured keynote speaker Liu Qing-cong, the Executive Director of the institute responsible for organizing the creativity competition, the Advantech Foundation.

In attendance at the event were the Dean of the Office of Research and Development, Dr. Shun-wen Kang, and the Director of the Cham Pion Incubation Center, Dr. Shaw Ruey-shiang. Dr. Kang noted that “Through this course, TKU students have the chance to gain invaluable real-life industry experience”.

In his speech, Mr. Liu pointed to the changing face of modern industry, and to the importance of creativity and originality in operating business. He said that Taiwanese industry, at present, lacks processes for industrial upgrading and for the training of professional personnel suited to today’s global environment. The purpose of the TIC100 Creativity Competition, he stated, is to nurture competent and well-rounded professionals.

Third year Department of Electrical Engineering student, Jie Bo-sen, said that he has always been interested in the nature of business operation, and that after attending the seminar, he now has a clearly-defined objective: “I hope to get a team together and register for the creativity competition. I want to gain real-life experience in setting up a business!”

After the seminar, Dr. Shaw announced the details of TKU’s own creativity contest, explaining that registration for the contest will begin on the 9th of May.

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