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The 2011 World Vision 12 Hour Famine

The 2011 World Vision “12 Hour Famine”, organized by the TKU Voluntary Service Club, was held on the 15th May at the TKU Tamsui Campus. It attracted 30 participants, who came together to raise funds for the poor. Section Chief of the TKU Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, Qu Quan Yong, and supervisor of the TKU Voluntary Service Club, Chiang Su-kuan, attended the event and provided students with encouragement before the beginning of the ‘mini-fast’.

The Voluntary Service Club will donate half of all proceeds gained from event registration fees to World Vision. Event organizer and 2nd year Department of English student, Ke Hsiao-Fan, said that there are over 925 million people in the world living in poverty. The purpose of the event, she stated, was to make students aware of the vital need to cherish resources, as well as the need to take action. While fasting, participants were treated to a singing performance by the previous winner of a Taiwanese international singing competition, Chung Jilin.

Second year French Student, Huang Shih-Han, said that ever since high school, she has been wanting to take part in a meaningful voluntary activity. “Even though it was exhausting, I still had a really great time”, she added.

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