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Wang Zhi-Hao: Adventurer Extraordinaire

“Only when you step into the unknown can you experience something new”.

Fourth year Department of Insurance student Wang Zhi-Hao is not just your average backpacker. Having been to India, Nepal, China and Boracay Island in the Philippines, Zhi-hao is no stranger to adventure. In the face of language barriers, he is unruffled. In harsh natural environments, he remains calm. He is the embodiment of adventure.

Once, while traveling by himself in a barren region in Tibet, he realized it was too late to return to Lhasa. Fortunately, he came across a kind-hearted shepherd who took him in and even gave up his own bed so that Zhi-hao could sleep in comfort. Yet his most unforgettable memory was waking up the next morning and seeing the faint morning light shining on the soft white snow. “The beauty of the gentle morning sunlight on the snow made me feel that no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome while traveling, it’s all worth it in the end.”

Zhi-Hao once came first in an impromptu public speaking competition. In future, he hopes to combine his flair for public speaking with his love of adventure, to achieve his ultimate dream of becoming a travel show presenter.

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