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Enthusiasm for Literature Lifts at Tamkang

Literary fever has gripped Tamkang. The numerous literature contests and activities held around last year’s Diamond Jubilee created a whirl of literary fervor that has continued into the 27th Wu-Hu Kang Literature Contest.

Held on May 25, the contest comprised 165 vying works, up 60% from a total of 102 pieces in the previous year. The Chairman of the TKU Department of Chinese, Dr. Shung-in Chang, noted that this year, the number of contest entries mushroomed and competition was fierce. The recent round of lectures on writing, he commented, has bred a new found appreciation for literature among students.

The Wu-Hu Kang Literature Contest is divided into several categories: free verse poem, essay, short story, and – starting from this year – a TKU alumni category. This year, first place in each of the competition categories was claimed by students from the Department of Chinese.

Top honors in the category ‘free verse poem’ went to master’s student Lan Min-shi, for his piece ‘Hot and Sour Soup’, in which he likened soup to love. The top-placed essay was penned by Liu Chao-en, while the short story category went to Lin Yiying.

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