NO. 827

The 119th TKU Administrative Conference

This year’s TKU Administrative Conference was held on the 1st June at the Ching Sheng International Conference Hall. Several draft resolutions were passed during the conference, including those relating to the naming of organizations and the formulation of draft budgets. The conference also featured a keynote speech from the General Manager of the NTU Innovation Incubation Center, Michael Lin, who shared his experience in promoting cooperation between academia and industry.

The President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, who was also in attendance, explained that after recently visiting four leading US universities, she had gained a number of insights. Among these insights are plans to integrate human resources, in an effort to generate more in-depth interaction with TKU partner universities. President Chang also intends to push for closer cooperation with industry, and to implement prerequisite service learning courses starting from next semester.

In the 2011 academic year, several changes will occur in the calculation of departmental budgets. The format of annual budget reports will change, while each department will formulate independent budgets, which will be monitored by the college to which they belong. The funds subsequently granted will vary according to the content of the budget proposals lodged by each department. The Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Ko Chih-en, stated that the scholarship grant offered by TKU has increased by NT $5 million from last year. Yet this is still NT $5 million short of the stipulated NT $10 million total.

In terms of industry cooperation, TKU will base its future operational methods on that of private enterprise. In doing so, it will take the NTU Innovation Incubation Center as its model.

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