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TKU – A Beacon of Light in School Safety

In 2008, Tamkang University became the first university in the world to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an International Safe School.

Ever since, TKU has become an exemplar in school safety, helping the public sector promote safety awareness in schools throughout Taiwan. Indeed, since 2009, Tamkang has served as mentor and guide to elementary schools such as Deng-Kung, Wenhua, Xizhi District, as well as Nan Shan High School, which have all since received International Safe School recognition by the WHO. They were formally conferred safe school status in an accreditation ceremony held on the 1st June.

An example of the safety measures adopted can be seen in Deng-Kung Elementary’s successful scooter safety campaign. The campaign involved a push for the comprehensive use of helmets while riding scooters, a message which was disseminated during morning assemblies, through school broadcasting systems, posters, and with the coordinated assistance of school security guards and local administrative bodies. The concentrated effort resulted in a 36% increase in helmet usage among the families of Deng-Kung students.

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