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TKU Takes Part in Friendly Tennis Tournament

Last month, on the 28th, the TKU Women’s tennis team went to Xiamen, Mainland China and then Hong Kong to participate in a series of friendly tennis tournaments.

Last year, the TKU Women’s tennis team were crowned champions of a competition involving 20 plus universities from northern Taipei. Their prize was a chance to compete in the recent round of friendly tournaments. Office of Physical Education instructor, Yi-min Fan Chiang, said that the TKU women’s tennis team performed very well in the recent friendly competition. She noted, however, that if the team hopes to bring out its full potential, team members must first work on lifting their sense of self-confidence.

Team member and fourth year Banking and Finance student, Hsu Jun-ying, said that the Xiamen University students were very friendly, while the scenery surrounding the university campus was picturesque.

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