NO. 827

An Exhibition to Touch the Heart

The TKU Department of Japanese recently held its 3rd Annual Graduate Film Exhibition. The films were produced by fourth year students who will soon be graduating, while the content of the films included issues that students encounter in their everyday lives.

At the start of the exhibition, an official opening ceremony was held, in which hosting students took to the stage and spoke in fluent Japanese. The supervising teacher, Department of Japanese Assistant Professor, Horikoshi Kazuo, said that he hopes the films will touch the audience emotionally.

A total of four films were displayed, including “Street Performer”, “The Postman who Brought Happiness”, “Grandma, I’m Back”, and “Live-Forgotten Chapters of Joy”. 3rd year Japanese students flocked to the exhibition. One such student, Luo Shi-Chi, commented “the films managed to touch the hearts of the audience. But I feel they could have been even better if they included an introduction of the sources of inspiration for the films.

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